LOSTBONE – Severanse

      I follow the activity of the Warsaw LOSTBONE for some time. Their debut caused pretty well perturbation under my brain. The work of destruction completed the Extreme Night concert. Since then a lot has happened in the team of Przemas. They managed to make a good split with the Cracow’s team TERRORODOME and to prepare material for the new album - “Severance”. Can be easy to see that guys are not wasting their time, and the best proof for this is the material recorded on the new disc.
       The first thing jumping out is much more leeway/neutral/loose in relation to the composition of the first album. The team resigned from death metal elements to thrash, so the compositions are more blockbuster and simply swing. There is no way to keep your head down. Even the first, opening track gives a perfect picture of the whole. Sharp and powerful riff extracts from the loudspeakers, then turns into bloody anthemic chorus. Great work of guitars is complemented by horrifically strong drums and mighty vocals. By the way, vocals in one of the strongest points of the band. Barton by his timbre absolutely suits to the style of LOSTBONE and thanks to him, this album is more thrash. Another virtue is the production, what is not really surprising, cause it’s the same as with the earlier material. Excellent, selective sound gives the music a distinct character. You can enjoy even the smallest sound. The next advantage is the lack of reproducibility (is the uniqueness). Referring to their debut, after some time it was becoming predictable what discouraged the listener. If it goes about their second album, the musicians didn’t make this mistake. “Severance” from the absolutely first seconds deeply penetrates the brain and stays there for a long time. Each track has its own, unique character. That’s why the CD is not boring. Moving away from death/grind elements resulted in more room to show off. A lot is happening on this album. What’s more the rare play gives the listener a feeling of relax and freedom. “Severance” will appear on store regiments at the beginning of February. So, dear metals, save your money because it will be worth to spend them on such material.


March 12th 2010

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