OMINOUS album on iTUNES and other webstores WORLDWIDE!

Today is the day - Lostbone OMINOUS album with 3 extra bonus tracks is available on iTUNES via Fonografika! It will appear soon on many other webstores like Amazon, eMusic, Aspiro, Napster, Rhapsody, Spotify, Virgin, and many more! HERE we fucking go OMINOUS WORLDWIDE!

LOSTBONE signed a WORLDWIDE distro deal for OMINOUS!

We are happy to announce that we just signed a WORLDWIDE digital distribution deal for OMINOUS album with FONOGRAFIKA! Stay tune for release date!


CHOOSE OR BE CHOSEN is the 3rd video for OMINOOUS album! The song as well as the video featuring guest appereances of Frantic Phil of The Sixpounder & Kroto of Hope! The video was made by MAGOGO Production and filmed & edited by Tomek Niedzielko! You can WATCH IT HERE!

NEW VIDEO trailer!

Fuckyeah! Third video for the OMINOUS album is coming soon! We made it for the song CHOOSE OR BE CHOSEN feat Frantic Phil of The Sixpounder & Kroto of Hope!

Check out the TRAILER!

Second polish OMINOUS Lostbone tour in march 2013

As we promised - here we go! Second polish OMINOUS tour will take place in march 2012! Made Of Hate will join us on the whole tour, and 4 other bands: Huge CCM, Empatic, TMS & Traces To Nowhere will join us for couple shows each! And that's not all cause in each city we will have local supports so we'll bring a lot of heavy music every night!


3rd video for OMINOUS album? Why the fuck not!!! We are working on the new video for CHOOSE OR BE CHOSEN songs with our friend Tomek Niedzielko and his Magogo Production! If all go as we planned - you will see it in the end of the year! The are more news comming soon - more shows and other shit! For daily update visit our Facebook profile!

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