After almost 8 years, the shared musical path of Barton and Lostbone came to an end. Life is all about choices, sometimes very hard ones. That’s why, despite the great sadness about the Barton’s decision of leaving the band, we do understand it, respect it and we keep our fingers crossed for him as firm as we can. We still remain fuckin’ best friends.

Barton – thanks for all the records we’ve made together, countless gigs, parties and the time spent together. Your contribution to the growth of Lostbone cannot be overestimated and regardless of the future you’ll always be a part of it.

A few words from Barton:
Sometimes so it happens, that hard choices have to be made. I had to face one of them. I decided to leave Lostbone. I don’t want to argue and exchange reasons here. Concerts, records, parties and living rock and roll were the fucking best moments shared with the guys. I give them many thanks for those unforgettable moments and for the unwavering support during hard moments which I enjoy now. Great thanks also to all of you for the unforgettable fun at the gigs and beyond. I will miss that. I would like to mention, that I will be staying with the guys until the end of the year, so you will still get the occasion to see the old team in action. That’s all from me. Satan be with you.

Therefore WE ARE LOOCKING FOR A VOCALIST! If you feel up to it- write us at lostbone@lostbone.pl!
We are not looking for another Barton- we need someone with his own style, voice and charisma! Someone who will be a great frontman and at the same time fit the stylistics, craft and personality of the band.
We are a band, wchich is quite active and requires mature attitude, devoting time, energy and the willingness to endure hardships of a musician’s life.

See you at the last concerts with Barton and keep your eyes and ears fixed on the upcoming news!